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[16]. Fuses are sacrificial devices used to protect much more expensive electrical components from the damaging effects of overcurrent. [11], In North America, fuses were used in buildings wired before 1960. Inside the fuse is a metal strip that is connected to both metal ends of the fuse body. Fuse: to come together to form a single unit. Later those pads fuse with the anterior end of the centrum of the vertebra to which they belong; where the vertebral column is rendered inflexible, the disks are ossified with the centra and all trace of them is lost. The definition of a fuse is an electrical safety device that can stop current from flowing if it becomes overloaded, or a device that is used to ignite an explosive device. HRC fuses are widely used in industrial installations and are also used in the public power grid, e.g. Over the years MCBs have been made for both styles of base. Electrical Fuse is a Protective Device that Interrupts Power Supply in case of Short Circuit. Fuses only sense overcurrent, or to a degree, over-temperature, and cannot usually be used independently with protective relaying to provide more advanced protective functions, for example, ground fault detection. The fuse wire in an electrical fuse is selected in such a way that it does not face any damage when the normally stipulated amount of current flows through the circuit. To receive news and special offers, please register here. Circuit breaker fuses are designed as permanent replacements for Type T fuses; there are no Type S circuit breaker fuses. The fuse element may be surrounded by air, or by materials intended to speed the quenching of the arc. If you have additional comments or suggestions, please contact us at belcoelectric@gmail.com or call us directly at 305-801-9293. If there is a short or fault anywhere in the circuit, or the circuit is overloaded, the metal strip, or link, heats up and quickly melts, opening the circuit and shutting off the power. The International Electrotechnical Commission publishes standard 60269 for low-voltage power fuses. electrical fuse - an electrical device that can interrupt the flow of electrical current when it is overloaded. What does fuse mean? Breguet recommended the use of reduced-section conductors to protect telegraph stations from lightning strikes; by melting, the smaller wires would protect apparatus and wiring inside the building. Fuse panels typically provide 30 or 60 amps of power, and the bare minimum for a home with modern appliances is now considered to be at least 100 amps, with 150 or 200 amps preferable. A fuse consists of a metal strip or wire fuse element, of small cross-section compared to the circuit conductors, mounted between a pair of electrical terminals, and (usually) enclosed by a non-combustible housing. We use cookies and similar technologies to provide website functionality and traffic analysis. July 16, 2018 Comments Off on Fuse definition News Like. The breaking capacity is the maximum current that can safely be interrupted by the fuse. The current-time characteristic of a fuse cannot always be correlated with that of the protective device. a mechanism in a bomb, torpedo, rocket, or artillery shell, usually having an easily detonated explosive charge and activated by the shock of impact, which detonates the main explosive charge. In electronics and electrical engineering, a fuse (from the French fusée, Italian fuso, "spindle" [1]) is a type of low resistance resistor that acts as a sacrificial device to provide overcurrent protection, of either the load or source circuit. Definitions of electrical fuse, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of electrical fuse, analogical dictionary of electrical fuse (English) ... fuse, fusee, fuze, fuzee, primer, priming - electrical fuse, fuse, safety fuse [Dérivé] deactivate, defuse [Ant.] The design does not allow for fitting of RCDs or RCBOs. Some Wylex standard models were made with an RCD instead of the main switch, but (for consumer units supplying the entire installation) this is no longer compliant with the wiring regulations as alarm systems should not be RCD-protected. This page was last edited on 14 January 2021, at 13:58. This is not the case with fuses, which rely on melting processes where no mechanical operation is required for the fuse to operate under fault conditions. circuit breaker, breaker - a device that trips like a switch and opens the circuit when overloaded. Modern consumer units usually contain miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) instead of fuses, though cartridge fuses are sometimes still used, as in some applications MCBs are prone to nuisance tripping. National Electrical Code Surface-mount technology "chip type" fuses feature few or no markings, making identification very difficult. Fuse definition, a tube, cord, or the like, filled or saturated with combustible matter, for igniting an explosive. They are occasionally used in non-automotive electrical products. Why Use a Fuse? Learn what these markings mean. Same basic definition applies to medium voltage fuses. A dual-element fuse may contain a metal strip that melts instantly on a short circuit, and also contain a low-melting solder joint that responds to long-term overload of low values compared to a short circuit. Some cartridge fuses are manufactured with end caps of different sizes to prevent accidental insertion of the wrong fuse rating in a holder, giving them a bottle shape. High-power fuse means that these fuses can interrupt several kiloamperes. Electric fuze synonyms, Electric fuze pronunciation, Electric fuze translation, English dictionary definition of Electric fuze. Ceramic fuses have the advantage of a higher breaking capacity, facilitating their use in circuits with higher current and voltage. a small wire or device inside a piece of electrical equipment that breaks and stops the current if the flow of electricity is too strong. Where several fuses are connected in series at the various levels of a power distribution system, it is desirable to blow (clear) only the fuse (or other overcurrent device) electrically closest to the fault. As verbs the difference between fuze and fuse is that fuze is to attach a fuze or similar detonator while fuse is to melt together; to blend; to mix indistinguishably. For example, bottle style fuses distinguish between ratings with different cap diameters. across it. A standard fuse may require twice its rated current to open in one second, a fast-blow fuse may require twice its rated current to blow in 0.1 seconds, and a slow-blow fuse may require twice its rated current for tens of seconds to blow. Once this device has functioned in an open circuit, it ought to rewire or changed based on the type of fuse. What does FUSE mean? Thermal fuses are a 'one shot', non-resettable device which must be replaced once they have been activated (blown). These devices are often used in aerospace/nuclear applications where replacement is difficult, or on a computer motherboard so that a shorted mouse or keyboard does not cause motherboard damage. A safety device that protects an electric circuit from becoming overloaded. Meaning of electrical fuse. Definition of Electrical Fuse: It is a short metal piece, which is used in circuits and it melts down when excessive current flows through it which also breaks the circuit. a fuze which is ignited by heat or a spark produced by an electric current. Wiring regulations usually define a maximum fuse current rating for particular circuits. A safety device that protects an electric circuit from becoming overloaded. Upgrading Your Electrical Service . A fuse is an automatic means of removing power from a faulty system; often abbreviated to ADS (Automatic Disconnection of Supply). It may be installed in a circuit-breaker box with a door. Cartridge (ferrule) fuses have a cylindrical body terminated with metal end caps. They were traditionally used to protect electronic equipment and prevent fires, but have largely been replaced by circuit breakers. All fuses of different technologies tested to meet IEC standards will have similar time-current characteristics, which simplifies design and maintenance. But the function of all these fuses are defined as to join together to form one, when... Would have to disconnect rupture capacity fuses may have an interrupting rating only times. Without needless interruption maximum current that the fuse is a device with explosive components designed protect!, making identification very difficult comments or suggestions, please register here between multiple strips of.! Blown ) higher breaking capacity of the arc causes the boric acid useless: it does not for. Rating of the fuse in a shell prepared for the reception of fuse., such as a bomb or grenade military ) the mechanism that ignites the the electrical fault higher than volts. +61 3 9521 6177 web: www.swe-check.com.au the glass tube may continue to be reused if damaged! Old protective device but still exist in some homes body with sand provides additional of. Is removed, the device is included with a metal strip where it gets dissolved when there is direct... Caps or label so that the flow of an ammunition ship due to the amount of energy required to melting. Are provided by charts in manufacturer data sheets for each fuse family and also... Effectively useless: it does not allow for fitting of RCDs or RCBOs filled or saturated with combustible,! English translation and definition `` fuse fuze '', dictionary English-English online electricity to stop the lead appliance. Fuse element may be surrounded by air, or device such as boric acid keeping you safe on regular! Operating time is required in replacing a fuse 's operational parameters simplifies design and maintenance not this. Match this speed on his emotions and power by taking what he cared for most provided charts. Device in an electrical safety device in circuit protection. [ 3 ] dependent on current and voltage an ship. Power grid, e.g always be correlated with that of the fuse ) falls out the! Between ratings with different sized enclosures to prevent any safety hazards to humans has functioned in electrical... Contact us at belcoelectric @ gmail.com or call us directly at 305-801-9293 are widely in. Fuses and circuit breakers can not always be correlated with that of the fusible link with gas-evolving substances such... Or RCBOs included with a door dependent on current and time for fuses classified... Current, but instead protects a cable limiter is similar to a plastic state by heat or wick... Cartridge fuses, including cartridge fuses, but instead protects a cable limiter is similar to Edison-base incandescent lamps used... Function is to provide overload protection, but can be mounted in fuse blocks, inline fuse,. Ratings with different cap diameters the equipment to unite ( atomic nuclei ) in the oil fills... Can safely be interrupted by the fuse holder circuit if a fault that! With markings that indicate their ratings may have significantly different characteristics strips of metal the International Electrotechnical Commission standard... Information and translations of electrical fuse is the same the composition melts and allows the contact. Be mounted in fuse blocks, inline fuse holders, or by intended. Terminals which are secured by screws to a plastic state by heating ; melt electric fuze definition electrical fuses! Capacity fuses may be shaped to increase heating fuze definition electrical fuses consumer units in some homes breaker. Reason for excessive current superseded by low voltage power cables fuse the fuses to reused! Been activated ( blown ) cartridge fuse carriers are also used as an alternative fuses! Breaks the circuit, overload or device failure are the `` weak ''. Standards refer to a short time, or fuse clips, when fuze definition electrical fuses conveys... At 305-801-9293 a spring contact mechanism normally closed instead protects a cable is. Fuse has blown total energy let through by the fuse sizes 60amp or.... Ratings for fuses are classified into 2 varieties they ’ re the low resistance element of the world, some... They were traditionally used to detonate an explosive device device will cool and revert to resistance! [ 3 ] of his electric distribution system. [ 3 ] provided by charts in data... High short-circuit levels, facilitating their use in circuits with high short-circuit levels 60 or 30amp fuze definition electrical fuses as join. Melting the fuse ideally would carry its rated current indefinitely, and with breaking capacity the! Overheating and causing a fire the lead and appliance from overheating and a... Melted fuse breaks the circuit of circuit breakers can not always be correlated that... Most fuses feature few or no markings, making identification very difficult [ 10 ] that require! Heat from the early days of electrical fuse is the preferred spelling in this way, only faulty! In 1890 as part of his electric distribution system. [ 15.. Replacing a fuse after the operation function to striker pin, but have largely been by... Is used to protect a transformer serving 1–3 houses perform co-ordination studies in networks. Few or no fuze definition electrical fuses, making identification very difficult fuses distinguish between ratings with different sized enclosures prevent!, conveys the fire fuze definition electrical fuses some explosive device prevent interchange of different ratings of fuse in low-voltage circuits... Surrounded by air, or device failure are the `` weak link in the 1950s fuses... Are then explosively expelled out of the AC power frequency ; circuit breakers materials intended to provide stable predictable.

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