valhalla train accident today

Six people were killed in the accident, the train service's deadliest. As reported by CBS New York, the National Transportation Safety Bureau (NTSB) is set to release the results of its investigation of a deadly train accident that took place two years ago in Valhalla, New York. Lakeview Avenue crossed the two tracks using a grade crossing. [5] The next such crossing was Commerce Street, a lightly traveled local road to the north that intersects the tracks diagonally. None of the passengers had soot in their airways. Drivers heading in both directions left the parkway, seeking alternate routes back to it on local surface roads. [10], The part of the parkway in Valhalla remained closed. Local officials who awaited any safety recommendations the board was expected to make, including Rep. Nita Lowey, contrasted that with the ten months it took the NTSB to issue its final report on the December 2013 Spuyten Duyvil derailment on Metro-North's Hudson Line, which killed four, and the 16 months it took to issue its report on the 2008 California wreck that had prompted Congress to mandate positive train control. "We intend to find out what makes this accident different. They found that the horn became distinctly louder from inside the vehicle when it was 350 feet (110 m) away, about four seconds before impact. The crash occurred after traffic on the adjacent Taconic State Parkway had been detoured onto local roads following a car accident that closed the road in one direction. [13]:43–44, Three of the four members of the NTSB filed individual statements to go with the report. [13]:37–38, Passengers further back in the train heard explosions. On February 3, 2015, at about 6:26 pm eastern standard time, in Valhalla, New York, northbound Metro-North (MN) passenger train 659 consisting of eight electrically powered M-7 railcars, struck a 2011 Mercedes Benz ML350 sports utility vehicle (SUV) at the Commerce Street grade crossing on the Harlem line, resulting in a fire to the SUV and lead railcar (MN 4333). "[13]:51–53, The NTSB recommended that not just Metro-North, but all the nation's passenger rail services that use third-rail systems with grade crossings,[j] undertake a risk assessment of those crossings and take corrective measures, such as joining rails in a manner designed to experience controlled failure during a similar accident. The accident seemed to him almost to be something from the works of writer John Cheever, who lived in nearby Briarcliff Manor and set much of his fiction amid the suburbs, featuring commuters as his characters: "[He] might have conjured the haunting details of the Harlem Line crash: the lead-footed irony of 'Valhalla,' the survivors wandering through the cemetery to safety. asked town supervisor Carl Fulgenzi. County Executive Rob Astorino, who said his commute takes him through that area, called the intersections and turns "very confusing for drivers". [30][1][31] A police helicopter with thermal imaging equipment scanned the nearby Kensico Cemetery in search of survivors who might have wandered away from the scene and collapsed into the snow, but found none. Officers primarily handed out pamphlets to drivers, pedestrians and train passengers at the many grade crossings in the metropolitan area, but also went as far as issuing summonses to violators, even arresting five, by November 2016. Witnesses described the driver of the SUV as being stopped in the crossing prior to the gates lowering. [13]:51–53, Those simulations showed that the rail's splice bars would have required high deformation levels before breaking when bent in an upwards direction. [13]:15–17, At the grade crossing, Train 659 was approaching on the western track. "However, speculation does not serve those affected by this accident or further the investigation. [13]:56–57, The NTSB did not address whether Metro-North's use of under-running third rails had contributed to the severity of the accident. The Brodys' attorney alleged that money allocated for a 2009 improvement that would have brought the crossing to federal standards was never spent. "Disappeared. Investigators did, however, find that the circuits gave precedence to the highway signal when its preemption was on, in violation of the federal Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), which mandates that the grade crossing preemption circuit always has priority in situations where a crossing is in close proximity to a traffic light. In Chappaqua, where the train was to make its first stop, the effect was pronounced, as three of the victims had connections to the hamlet. "The third rail entering the lead railcar caused significant damage and increased the number and severity of injuries and fatalities. Jamie Wallace, in the second car, said that passengers there initially tried to come to the aid of those in the front car, but "we could not get the head car doors open for some reason - it was jammed."

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